Immoral pictures and videos of Pakistani singer Rabbi Pirzada have gone viral on social media especially WhatsApp.

 Rabi Peerzada has become the top trend on Pakistani social media right now.

The issue of leaked private photos and videos of Pakistani singer Rabbi Pirzada has also become a staple of Indian media. According to details, an Indian media report said that immoral images and videos of Pakistani singer Rabbi Pirzada who threatened Modi have gone viral on social media.

Many users on Twitter have expressed the possibility that these photos and videos of Rabbi Pirzada were leaked due to a literal battle between Rabbi Pirzada and a spokesman for Pak Army. Some People are also saying that DG ISPR Major Gen Asif Ghafoor was behind the leak of her videos because in her last tweet she said that she is disappointed about DG ISPR trying to defend the item song of Neelam Muneer for an ISPR-funded movie. But the majority of people don't agree with this statement

The majority of the people/defenders said that DG ISPR is not behind this and in fact, all those people on twitter taking his name are Indian troll accounts pretending to be Pakistanis.
A user addressed the commentators on Rabbi Pirzada's photos and videos, he said that the comments of Rabi Pirzada can be stressful. People said that this video was leaked by Rabi's Ex-Boyfriend who knew her iCloud's Password
Rabi Pirzada Latest Tweet:
Rabbi Pirzada appears to be very upset over his video leak, a clear example of which was her recent tweet.
Since Robbie Pirzada's videos have gone viral on social media, she wants to convey to people via her tweet that people should not share her personal videos.
Rabbi Pirzada applied to the cybercrime cell when unethical videos went viral. Is given Singer Rabbi Pirzada has requested the removal of videos from social media after the FIA's cybercrime cell has begun processing the request of singer Ravi Pirzada. In this regard, singer Rabbi Pirzada said, "My personal photos and videos were in my smartphone that I sold some time ago." "I have also applied against where I sold this mobile," she said.
In response to her tweet, many twitter users said that she should think before making such videos, while some said these videos should not be shared.

Twitter Supporting Rabi Peerzada
 Kisi ke Beti Ko utni takleef do jitni abni beti ke liye seh sako
Here are the tweets of the one and only Nasir Khan Jan:
Another one:
Aik or:
My opinion:
As a Pakistani, I think if anything like this happens in our country we should ignore it rather than sharing it on different social media platforms. What's the impact we are giving to other countries by making such videos or controversies a top trend. Simply we are destroying our own image #StopSharingLeakedVideo